Ilse Leenders, Ad.Dip.CD


Ilse is a qualified counsellor and psychotherapist who works as an Intergrated Therapist, offering multiple therapeutic models in her own practice. Originally trained as a nurse, Ilse moved into the business world and spent 25 years in the City working at board level. During this time she became involved with improving the business practices of Social Enterprises and Charities. Retraining as a counsellor, Ilse volunteers for Mind BLMK and Barnardos and has her own private practice, helping people to understand their lives and empowering them to move forwards.


Ilse is a former member of the Milton Keynes Childrens Safeguarding Board.


Steve McNay

Steve has worked in social care for over 25 years, managing housing, advice and therapeutic services with a wide range of client groups. For the past 16 years, Steve has managed mental health services for local and national charities. He is currently Wellbeing Manager at Mind BLMK (Bedfordshire, Luton and Milton Keynes), overseeing service development and delivery through a number of areas and types.


Steve is actively involved with several community organisations including the MK Dons Sports and Education Trust, the Centre for Integrated Living, the Mathiesen Youth and Community Centre and the MK Community Foundation grants panel. He has qualifications in community health, Young People Management and Leadership, Coaching and Mentoring, and Mental Health.


Lorna Adams

Lorna adds personal experience of self-harm to the board. She founded the charity Surface which merged with CandleSpark to form an integrated self-harm service with both training and support functions. Lorna has completed a one-year course in counselling and recently began a career in social care.

Lorna recently challenged herself by sky-diving to raise funds for charity.


Mark Sanderson

Mark, a former chef from South Africa, also brings personal experience of self harm to CandleSpark. He helps run other peer support groups in the community and inpatients. He is new to CandleSpark and likes to look at things from an outside the box perspective. Mark attends training courses in London to help him understand self harm and other issues. He is a full time peer support worker.


Lisa Hathaway

Lisa joins us from Buckinghamshire where she currently works for the NHS in addition to running her own Zumba Fitness business. Lisa has an innate passion for learning with special interests in Psychology and Mental Health, leading her to undertake training away from the current medical model to achieve her Human Givens Diploma with the view to becoming a recognised therapist with a much broader understanding of the complexities and origins of psychological disorders. Her training path complements her work as a Pranic Healer and assistant at both Adults and Children’s Meditation sessions.

‘You cannot get through a single day without having an impact on the world around you, what you do makes a difference; you have to decide what sort of difference you want to make’.