CandleSpark co-founder Ilse Leenders delivers a training session. CandleSpark has provided self-harm awareness training to Milton Keynes' Police Community Support Officers and other local agencies.


Understanding self-harm

Understanding self-harm

A two-hour session with a PowerPoint presentation, interactive quizzes and activities, videos and handouts. This presentation has been delivered to the Milton Keynes Police Community Support Officers, Mind BLMK and other local agencies. Includes:

  • The CandleSpark approach: How does it feel?

  • What are shame-based issues?

  • Definitions, statistics and myths

  • Simple tips for handling disclosure

  • Supporting self-harmers

Image: Mike Hallett and Ilse Leenders deliver self-harm awareness training to the Milton Keynes PCSOs.

Peer support

A six-week, one-hour high school program run with the Milton Keynes Council for girls with social anxiety issues. This activity-based program encourages the development of emotional language and helps the girls to form and maintain their own support networks. Sessions include:

  • Self-care

  • Anxiety

  • Self-esteem

  • Self-image

  • Exam stress

  • Peer pressure

Image: Artwork created by participants in our Peer support program.

Stepping stones : building school capacity to resist radicalisation

A one-day primary school workshop developed and delivered in conjunction with the Milton Keynes Council's Ethnic Minority Achievement (EMA) team. Includes:

  • Stepping stones: breaks the process of radicalisation into 8 emotional stages and uses roleplay scenarios to allow staff and pupils to explore the consequences of rejecting community cohesion

  • The Sultan's Turret: an interactive pupil session that explores the role of different cultures in the history of science and mathematics, and the cross-linking that occurred between those cultures

Sample anonymous feedback available on request. Please contact CandleSpark for further details.

When the Butterfly Fades by Birdscarer - a music video used in our training to demonstrate a self-harm coping mechanism called 'the butterfly technique'.

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